Why choose a vintage rug?

Because they are beautiful, fashionable, sustainable, hand made and affordable!
Vintage rugs are also known as distressed vintage rugs, and represent a trend that has achieved a crossover between fashion and home décor. People don’t just want their jeans to look ‘lived in,’ but they want their rugs to look ‘lived on’. This new look celebrates textiles that are faded, worn, and softened over time; rugs that nestle into homes as if they’ve always been there.

Although the method has grown popular around the world, this inspired device was first developed in Iran and Turkey, and it is from here that you find the best vintage rugs and overdyed works, created using authentic hand knotted vintage and antique rugs. Perhaps it is because re-using and re-purposing is nothing new in Turkey, where household items are fixed up rather than thrown out, and over-dyeing is a continuation of this.

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